6 RV Packing List Items

When traveling on wheels a minimalist-minded packing list is the way to go. We’ve outlined a few basic packing list groups to keep in mind, whether your travels are bringing you to us in Tiny Town or elsewhere!  

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This is an obvious but you’ll want to keep the clothing to a minimum. Space is limited on an RV so pack only what you truly need. It’s smart to pack based on the types of activities you are planning. Going hiking? Boots, a breathable t-shirt and convertible cargo pants will work well on the trails and beyond.  

Cookware Essentials 
A crew on the road needs to eat, don’t they? While you may be planning to eat simple meals requiring little prep, it’s nice to have some items on hand just in case the desire to cook strikes! A few plates, cups, silverware, bowls and measuring cups are good basics to have on hand.

Life on the road is full of learning, adventure and plenty to explore. Just like life at home, however, you’ll want to build in some down-time. Having playing cards, Frisbee and a book or two will help keep all passengers engaged and entertained, even in transit.

You’ll want to bring towels, sheets, comforters, pillows and a sleeping bag. The sleeping bag can be used to make your bed even more comfortable or for an impromptu evening under the stars. Are you planning to go to the lake or hit the waves at the beach? If so, bringing a couple of beach towels is a must.

Squeaky Clean  
Living out of a small space means that it can look very messy, very quickly. Bring along some cleaning supplies like a rag, paper towels and an all-purpose cleaner to keep your space spick-and-span.

If you’re traveling with a group or a family, you may want to bring one standard size bottle of each necessary toiletry for the entire family rather than individual shampoos, conditioners and toothpastes. It may seem counterintuitive since they occupy a good chunk of space but it helps ensure you have enough of the basics without duplicating supplies. 

There is literally an endless list of items you can bring with you on your next RV trip. Try not to stress too much about remembering to pack everything. Unless you’re going somewhere unusually remote you’ll have opportunities to pick up any unexpected necessities along the way. Happy RVing!   

Tiny Town: The Perfect Family Destination

Tiny Town RV Park and Cabins is the ideal destination for family-friendly fun!  What does a recipe for a family-friendly vacation include? Activities, comfort and quality time together, if you ask us! Tiny Town is the perfect home-base to explore all that South Oklahoma has to offer a family on their next trip.  

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Hochatown Petting Zoo 

The folks at Hochatown Petting Zoo have created an opportunity for the community to meet reptiles, barn animals, and exotic birds while learning about a variety of species. Rehabilitation of orphaned and injured animals is also a big part of what they do so a visit to their petting zoo and rehabilitation center supports their efforts. 


Blue Rooster 

A family on the go has to eat! The perfect spot to chow down offers traditional Southern food like fried catfish, biscuit sliders, and deviled eggs. Blue Rooster also offers live music just about every night of the week. Pop in to the Whip-Poor-Will Fudge Factory & Sweet Shoppe for a post-dinner treat sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. 


Beavers Bend Resort Park 

While it’s a bit nippy right now to take full advantage of the wide range of water sports readily available at Beavers Bend Resort Park, there is still plenty to do! Hiking trails surrounded by hardwood and pine trees can help provide a much needed break from technology. The park is pet friendly if you’ve decided to bring your furriest family member along. Horseback riding, trout fishing and activities hosted by the nature center are just a few other activities to tack on to your family vacation punch list. 


Rest Easy 

After a long day of exploring Southern Oklahoma, you and your family will want a clean and comfortable place to rest. Tiny Town RV Park and Cabins is centrally located and has a well-appointed RV park offering top-notch amenities. Our tiny cabin rentals sleep up to 5 guests and make for a fun place to reflect on the adventures of the day.    

Wine About It: 3 Wineries near Tiny Town

When you’re coming fresh off of Oklahoma’s hiking trails, a stop at one of our local wineries is just the right thing to add to your itinerary! Tiny Town and the surrounding area are home to extraordinary wineries. Visiting a local winery is a great way to hone your palette while kicking back and learning about local wine offerings.  


Fish Tales Winery

Since muscadine grapes are native to the area, many of the wines at Fish Tales Winery are made from a native grapevine species. The labels on each bottle of wine sold are also unique to the area, each of them representing a different local fishing spot. Located just across from the South entrance to Beavers Bend State Park they offer red, white, sweet, semi-sweet, semi-dry and sparkling. 


Girls Gone Wine

A Boutique winery, Girls Gone Wine has thrived in Broken Bow for over ten years! If you find yourself in the area there’s no need to fret over making an appointment, just stop in during business hours for a complimentary wine tasting. Opened by three friends local to the area, the winery has dry, semi-dry and sweet wine offerings and a casual atmosphere.  


Vojai’s Winery

With white and red wine available, Vojai’s is currently developing a selection of four sweet wines, Black Horse Running, Rainmaker, Red Sky and Morning Run. Detailed descriptions of their wine offerings are available on their website. We highly encourage pairing your wine with their freshly made, gourmet fudge. This Hochatown-based winery has a great patio area offering outdoor seating. Be sure to check on hours before visiting this Broken Bow-based winery, from November through February it’s closed on Sundays! 


Regardless of where your travels through Southeast Oklahoma take you, a stop at a local winery is a great way to relax and round out your trip.  

Local's Favorite Food Spots in Tiny Town

It sure is nice to get a local’s perspective when traveling in a new area, especially on the best places to chow down! We’ve hand-selected a few of our favorite spots to grab some grub in Tiny Town and the surrounding area.  

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Grateful Head Pizza Oven & Tap Room  

Have a hankering for cheesy, doughy deliciousness while on vacation? Grateful Head Pizza Oven & Tap Room is the place to go! Pizza is their passion and they serve up unique twists while using only the freshest ingredients. Just one of their many delicious options, the Funky Chicken has a white sauce base and is topped with grilled chicken, spinach, red onions, roasted garlic and mushrooms. Conveniently open seven days a week, you can pop in here for a slice, a brew, or both daily from 11a.m. - 9 p.m.  


Moon Tower Bar & Grill 

If you’re looking for a family-friendly spot to catch the game, add Moon Tower Bar & Grill to you list. With tons of specials, live music, and an extensive menu, they have something on the menu for even the pickiest eater. We should also mention that the owner, Chef Tabb Singleton, is a former winner of Food Network’s “Chopped!” 


Abendigo’s Grill & Patio 

Located near Beavers Bend State park and Broken Bow Lake in Hochatown, Abendigo’s Grill & Patio is a casual spot with a great vibe, live music, and a full bar. A seasonal menu delivers on their commitment to only serving the most fresh, in-season ingredients. Fresh wood-grilled salmon and hickory smoked ribs are just a few mouthwatering options they’re serving up right now. 


Take the guesswork out of your next meal and check out one of the many great restaurants in our area. Get your next trip on the books, call us today to reserve a cabin or RV site.  

Bird Watching: McCurtain County Edition

It’s no secret that Oklahoma is a major destination for bird watching enthusiasts, with tons of opportunities to spot rare birds in McCurtain County. There over 300 bird species to be seen in the area and enough parks keep you busy whether you’re here for a weekend or for an extended stay. 


Best Bird Watching Spots 

Just 6 miles from Broken Bow, Beaver's Bend State Park is home to a variety of species and plenty of trails. Be sure to pop in at the park office to get a bird checklist and tick off your sightings! Shimmering Broken Bow Law and tons of pine and hardwood trees lend to the stunning scenery in this area. Although it’s a bit of a farther drive than Beaver’s Bend, a visit to Red Slough Wildlife Management Area is guaranteed to leave you floored by the park's natural beauty. With nearly 6,000 acres of wetland terrain, Red Slough is a nationwide destination year-round for bird watchers and nature enthusiasts. You won’t see them flying above but you may even come across an alligator on your trek. Red Slough is the only area in Oklahoma that alligators have been known to breed! 

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Species Spotlight 

Birds commonly spotted in the fall and winter months include the Hermit Thrush, Winter Wren, Black Vulture, and the Pine warbler, to name a few. Bald eagles have also been recorded regularly in the area this time of year through Winter. Eagle watching kicks off at Beaver’s Bend State Park in November and runs through February. Curious about what other species you can expect to find here? Check out this list to get an idea. 


Tiny Town OK RV Park and Cabins serves as the perfect home-base for your bird watching trips in and around Broken Bow, Oklahoma. Nestled in a wooded area, our facility can accommodate RVs and has 4 cozy, tiny home rentals available. Make a reservation today to discover all that McCurtain County has to offer! 

Adventures Waiting for You in Broken Bow

If your adventure seeking spirit is yearning for another trip, Broken Bow, Oklahoma is the perfect stop! With something to offer everyone, there is no shortage of activities to keep your blood pumping, both on and off the water.  


Jet Across the Lake 

With boat and jet ski rentals readily available at Beavers Bend Marina, you can have a rental secured and be out enjoying the water in no time. Prefer to stay active while soaking up some rays? Paddle boards, kayaks and canoes are also available for rent right on Broken Bow Lake. Scoop up a paddleboard at Paddlesup and put your balancing skills and core strength to the test!  


Shred the Mountains 

Rent a mountain bike and hit the trails to cover a lot of mileage. With plenty of trails to choose from in Broken Bow and the surrounding areas, you’ll be sure to find one that is the right fit for your skill level and preferred terrain. If you’re more about that motorized life, ATV rentals are easy to come by. Take an ATV through hundreds of miles in Ouachita National Forest.  


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Zip Above the Treetops

An option not for the faint of heart, ziplining 60 feet above the ground offers thrill seekers a unique view of the breathtaking views we have here in Broken Bow! Are you afraid of heights? Your visit may offer the perfect opportunity to face those fears head on. The certified guides at Rugaru Adventures will ensure that you’re safe and comfortable as you soar into the adventure of a lifetime.  


Whether your adventures are taking you in the water, on land, or up in the treetops, Broken Bow can check all of those boxes. Reserve a cabin with us today and get your next adventure on the calendar.  

8 Reasons We Love Oklahoma

We love Broken Bow for the incredible scenery and outdoorsy vacation experience found here. But let’s step back for just a moment and look at the beautiful state our tiny town is nestled in. The state of Oklahoma is a special place in its own right. Whether you’re looking to go camping in Oklahoma or just learn more about the state, here’s our top 8 reasons to love sooner state.


1. Bison

Oklahoma’s state animal is the bison, and this majestic creature roams free throughout the state’s plains. Maybe you’ll spot a few the next time you go camping.


2. Scenery

You’ve heard how breathtaking Broken Bow is, but the same can be said of the entire state. From prairies to rolling green plains, Oklahoma has it all.


3. Food

One thing’s for sure – Oklahoma knows how to do BBQ and burgers. With delicious food in every city, it’s simply hard to go wrong.


4. Art

Sometimes people overlook anywhere that isn’t a congested, metropolitan city like New York in terms of the art scene. But look around the state of Oklahoma and you art lovers will not be disappointed.



5. Route 66

Oklahoma is home to the longest stretch of Route 66, making it prime road trip country. And hey, why not take a camping detour along the way?


6. Music

Oklahoma’s music tradition runs strong and deep. From country to rock to bluegrass, this state has been influential in the music scene for ages. If you’re lucky, you might just catch one of their many music festivals the next time you stop through.


7. Seasons

Oklahoma’s got ‘em all! This state isn’t short on seasonal changes and the natural beauty that comes along with them. Camping at different times of year will be a completely different experience.


8. People

Last but not least, the people of Oklahoma are kind, compassionate and hardworking. Exactly the kind of people you’d like to run into on a camping trip!


Whether you’ve never visited Oklahoma or it has a special place in your heart already, one thing’s for sure – this state will always be here with open arms. Visit today

Fall Camping Tips

Summer may be coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean camping season has to end just yet. The weather is getting cooler and the leaves are changing, making for a brand new experience at your favorite campgrounds. Here are a few tips for making the most out of your fall camping trip. 


Find out if the campsite is open 

If this is your first time camping in the fall, make sure to do your research. Find out if the campsite you were planning on is open, and if there is any information about the expected weather conditions during your trip.  

Fall Camping Tips Image.jpg


Pack lots of layers 

This goes for clothes and blankets. The weather may be nice during the day, but will surely get very cold at night. Bring several layers of clothes, including warms hats, socks and jackets. It’s also wise to bring a rain coat in case it sprinkles or winds are high. Pack several blankets so that you can pile them on or peel them off as the weather requires.  


Bring a tarp or two 

In the event of an unexpected downpour, it’s a good idea to have a couple of tarps on hand to cover any belongings that are out in the open. Pack rope as well to string your tarps from the trees and create a waterproof shelter.  


Plan all-weather activities 

Sure, go ahead and bring that soccer ball and your bikes. But keep in mind that if it rains more than you planned for, your family is in for some quality bonding time in the tent. Bring card games, board games and books to keep yourselves entertained until the skies clear.  


Stay heated and hydrated 

It’s easy to forget to drink enough water when it’s chilly outside and the thought of an ice cold drink sounds a little painful. Make sure you have lots of warm liquids on hand like hot tea, cider and even hot cocoa!  


If you take the time to plan for the season, fall camping can be an incredible experience. We must admit, Broken Bow is beautiful this time of year! Plan your fall camping trip now.