Tips and Tricks for Your Next RV Trip

Has it been awhile since you took the RV out for a spin? Or maybe you took it out last weekend, but things didn’t go so smoothly. Here are a few easy tricks to make your next RV trip the best yet.


Storing everything you need safely can be a challenge in an RV, with limited space and the movement of driving to think about. We know you’d rather spend less time packing and more time enjoying your trip, so try a few of these tips: 

  • Hang shoe racks anywhere and everywhere. These handy little storage racks can hold anything from shampoo to canned good to, well, shoes. And since they hang, they won’t take up limited floor space.  

  • Use non-slip liners in your shelves. Nothing is worse than turning a corner and hearing glass break inside a cabinet. By using a non-slip liner, your favorite dishes and drink wear will be safe and sound.  


Organization and Safety 

Staying safe and organized should be a top concern of yours on every RV trip. Here are a few suggestions to make your trip safer and less stressful: 

  • Keep all your electrical adapters in one easy place by mounting them on a wall with hooks or a rack. This way you’ll be able to find exactly which cord you need, right when you need it.  

  • Store a small white board in the cupboard. When you get to your campsite, write down the address of your location and your phone number. If you have an emergency, your important information will be right there.  

What better place to try out these tips than Broken Bow, Oklahoma? Dust off that old RV and take it for a spin this weekend. Just a short trip from Dallas, the beautiful wilderness and variety of adventures to be had in Broken Bow are calling your name.