8 Reasons We Love Oklahoma

We love Broken Bow for the incredible scenery and outdoorsy vacation experience found here. But let’s step back for just a moment and look at the beautiful state our tiny town is nestled in. The state of Oklahoma is a special place in its own right. Whether you’re looking to go camping in Oklahoma or just learn more about the state, here’s our top 8 reasons to love sooner state.


1. Bison

Oklahoma’s state animal is the bison, and this majestic creature roams free throughout the state’s plains. Maybe you’ll spot a few the next time you go camping.


2. Scenery

You’ve heard how breathtaking Broken Bow is, but the same can be said of the entire state. From prairies to rolling green plains, Oklahoma has it all.


3. Food

One thing’s for sure – Oklahoma knows how to do BBQ and burgers. With delicious food in every city, it’s simply hard to go wrong.


4. Art

Sometimes people overlook anywhere that isn’t a congested, metropolitan city like New York in terms of the art scene. But look around the state of Oklahoma and you art lovers will not be disappointed.



5. Route 66

Oklahoma is home to the longest stretch of Route 66, making it prime road trip country. And hey, why not take a camping detour along the way?


6. Music

Oklahoma’s music tradition runs strong and deep. From country to rock to bluegrass, this state has been influential in the music scene for ages. If you’re lucky, you might just catch one of their many music festivals the next time you stop through.


7. Seasons

Oklahoma’s got ‘em all! This state isn’t short on seasonal changes and the natural beauty that comes along with them. Camping at different times of year will be a completely different experience.


8. People

Last but not least, the people of Oklahoma are kind, compassionate and hardworking. Exactly the kind of people you’d like to run into on a camping trip!


Whether you’ve never visited Oklahoma or it has a special place in your heart already, one thing’s for sure – this state will always be here with open arms. Visit today