tiny home

You Can Own Your Own Tiny House Cabin

Many people throughout the country have dreams of home ownerships. For many people this dream seems out of reach. Tiny Town has adorable cabins, just like the ones we rent in Broken Bow, available for sale. You can own a tiny home today!

How We Build Your Tiny House Cabin

We build each cabin with quality in mind. We deliver them throughout the Southeastern United States. We know this area is often subject to tornadoes or hurricanes, we ensure our cabins can withstand high winds and inclement weather.

All flooring is solid wood. We lay it using a tongue and groove technique and provide a 50-year warranty. The metal roofs not only offer protection from the elements, they come with a 40-year warranty and often last much longer.

All interior cabinets and doors are solid wood and built to last. We properly insulate the walls, ceiling and floor to help manage heating and cooling costs. And speaking of cooling – the AC/heat units come with a five-year warranty!

Options Galore!

We can deliver your tiny house cabin with all the necessary appliances, bedding, washer/dryer hookups and fixtures including ceiling fans and blinds – or any combination of options you choose. Depending on the model and options you select, you can own a tiny home for as little as $33,000. Our most expensive options are still less than $50,000. All you need is a plot of land to put it on.

Tiny homes like our cabins are environmentally friendly and easy on your budget. The tiny house movement has become increasingly popular throughout the nation. With our tiny cabins, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort. Instead, you can live in a comfortable space that’s within your budget.

How Can I Buy a Tiny Home?

It’s simple! Just visit our website to review all your options. When you know what you want, all you have to do is order it online and we’ll ship it to you anywhere in the Southeastern United States!